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EXFOLIAC Acnoméga 100 Keratoregulating Matifying care slight blemishes


Acnoméga 100 matifying care

Product presentation

EXFOLIAC® Acnoméga 100 keratoregulating matifying care is the leading kerato-active cream for skin with slight or new blemishes, unclogging pores and maintaining the normal thickness of the epidermis.

It acts on the superficial and deeper layers of the epidermis, generating a significant kerato-active effect combined with sebum-regulating and anti-bacterial action.


Blemishes are erased leaving the skin smooth and clear.


> Alpha and Omega HA: optimised kerato-active effect on the superficial and deeper layers of the epidermis for optimum tolerance and an adapted pH

> Paraben-free
> No preservatives
> Non comedogenic
> Well-tolerated

To use

Apply morning and night on dry skin, previously cleansed with EXFOLIAC® Gel Moussant.
Can be used alone or with medical treatment.


30 ml tube

Dermatologist's opinion

A full range of hygiene products, skin care treatment and complementary care to exfoliate, purify and regulate young skin with blemishes.

Users' opinion

> SaraM Sara

I'm 22 years old girl with extremely sensitive skin. Lately, about 4 months ago, I've been exposed to some very stressful situations and my inner turbulence started to be readable on my skin. It started with some strange skin rush, which appeared from time to time, and than a little pimples appeared on my forehead. I started using Noreva Exfoliac Acnomega 100, matifying care 10 days ago, and I can already see positive results! My skin is calm, old pimples have faded away and new pimples disappear literally a few hours after putting this cream on my skin. I recommend this product to everyone who has irritated and sensitive skin with slight changes on it.

> Vera V

The best cream I have ever used. I am 23 and since I am 14 I have problem of blemishes. This little tube has halped me! Using it twice a day just in one week you'll see the difference! The only problem is that you can't use it more than 3 months, otherwise you will have to change it on Acnomega 200. And don't forget to use sunscreen, even if there is no sun!

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